We are a full service events and business directory. In short we take listings for your business that are located in Ijebu Ode and your events that will occur in Ijebu Ode (we are also in other cities such as AbeOkuta.City.NG, Ibadan.City.NG, etc).

We promote your business and events on our Twitter feeds and Facebook page. For a limited time we both of these listings services are offered for free.

  • Register an account on our website at IjebuOde.NG.
  • Once that is done then you can list your business and events on the site.

Alternatively to accommodate your busy schedule you can simply

  • Email us the details of your business and/or events

You can also include any additional information such as event flyer or restaurant menu and we will upload the information ourselves for you. But we need you to register an account first.

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